Learning to live with water – Final Conference   1 comment

Not long ago, our “sister project” Learning to Live with Water: Flood Histories, Environmental Change, Remembrance and Resilience staged its final conference in Gloucester. After three workshops throughout the previous year, and various other forms of linking and coordinating, a network had been established around questions of resilience to flooding, changing environments, storytelling and remembering. Members of the network include artists, policy-makers, academics and other people interested in the topic.

The richness of these multiple approaches to floods, stories and resilience was evident during the conference that combined academic papers with artists’ presentations and performances, practical advice and an exhibition of poems and visual art.

If you are interested in this network, just email LivingFloodHistories@glos.ac.uk  with your contact details, or visit their blog at http://livingfloodhistories.wordpress.com.


Posted June 29, 2011 by floodmemories in flood, Gloucester, memory, workshop

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